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    Example Purchase
    Enertia Purchase Price $7,995
    10% Federal Tax Credit -$800
    Total $7,195

    Available Incentives

    As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2010 (H.R.1) two new tax incentives were included for electric motorcycles:

    First: is a tax credit in Section 1142 (H.R.1, pp. 214-217) which changes IRS Code Section 30 to allow for 2 wheeled electric vehicles to be included as a qualified plug-in electric vehicle in the overall plug-in vehicle tax credit. These vehicles which need to be able to drive on public roads, streets, and highways, are eligible for a 10% Federal Tax Credit up to a maximum of $2,500. This is a Federal tax credit, which reduces your tax liability by the amount of the credit; eg: if you owe $5,000 to the IRS and purchase an $8,000 electric motorcycle package, you would receive an $800 credit and now owe $4,200. If you are owed a refund by the IRS, your refund is increased by the amount of the tax credit

    Second: is a tax deduction for state sales taxes paid on motorcycles under Section 1008 (H.R.1, pp. 203-204). This provides all taxpayers with a deduction for State and local sales and excise taxes paid on the purchase of new cars, light truck, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles through 2010. This deduction is subject to a phase-out for taxpayers with adjusted gross income in excess of $125,000 ($250,000 in the case of a joint return). In this case, since it is a Federal tax deduction, the amount comes off your adjusted gross income and reduces the amount of taxes paid based on your income tax bracket

    As with all tax matters, this information does not constitute tax advice, please consult your tax advisor, attorney, or accountant for specific details on how to claim these tax benefits. The IRS will be providing final forms and instructions for these new tax incentives later in 2010.

    More Information

    Plug In America
    DOE Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (1)
    DOE Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (2)
    Union of Concerned Scientists

    State Specific Tax Incentives

    More details on the many states with tax incentives for the Enertia coming soon?


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    Brammo is expanding its select dealer network in the US, Europe, and Asia. Below is a list of the Brammo authorized dealerships carrying our full range of products and offering comprehensive service support. These select dealerships will be able to address all your needs from test rides to highly competitive financing of your new Brammo.

    << store_locator.instructions=

    If you would like to reserve an Enertia for purchase at Best Buy or directly from Brammo and be contacted by a customer service representative, please fill out the following form:

    << international.title=Brammo Enertia motorcycle : 100% Electric Motorcycle : International<< international.header=International Customers<< international.instructions=

    Brammo is currently exploring international order in your area. Please fill out the following form to be contacted when Brammo motorcycle are available near you:

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    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. We read and value each communication and if you had a question, we will try to answer it very soon. In the meanwhile, we invite you to check out the latest news from and about Brammo at our Follow page. Thanks again!

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    We appreciate you taking the time to register with Brammo. You will now receive all Brammo issued press releases directly to the email address that you have registered. In addition you will receive other Brammo news stories that are not sent out over the news wire. You can find several galleries of hi resolution Brammo images by visiting

    If you have any questions or suggestions please email me directly.

    Adrian Stewart

    << racing.title=Brammo Electric Motorcycle Racing<< racing.header=Brammo Enertia TTR Race Bike<< racing.intro=

    The Brammo Enertia TTR motorcycle made its competitive debut on the Isle of Man on June 12, 2009 in the inaugural TT Xtreme Grand Prix, the first no-emissions motorcycle race in the world. Best Buy and Geek Squad were the major sponsor partners of the team. Brammo finished in third position and was the first finishing production motorcycle. The Enertia TTR started as the production Enertia with its extruded aluminum frame rails, distinctive flowing bodywork, and unique battery mounting system as the basis. Key components were then "overvolved" where necessary for the demands of racing and super-high performance. "Overvolved" is a way of thinking at Brammo that will be applied for future product offerings. Racing helps Brammo make a better motorcycle for customers (plus it's really, really fun).

    << racing.detail=

    The Isle of Man TT Races

    Located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England, the Isle of Man is home to the legendary TT Races, which date back to 1907. The races are held over two weeks in June of each year and thousands of fans flock to the isle to watch the racing. The course, which takes place on closed-down public roads, covers the 37.7-mile mountain course, which goes from sea-level to 1300 feet in elevation and contains over 200 turns, many of them blind corners. Numerous motorcycle brands have launched their racing heritage by competing in TT events (but, to the best of our knowledge there are no plans for an Electric Bike race or a TT for Electric Scooters).

    The Inaugural TTXGP Race

    The 2009 TTGXP was the first no-emissions motorcycle race in the world. The TTXGP featured over 20 electric motorcycle teams from around the globe. The XGP race took place during the traditional TT weekend and became the focal point for the event.

    << racing.table_battery=Battery<< racing.table_battery_val=8 Twelve-Volt Modules
    8 kWh Lithium Polymer
    100 Volts Peak Battery Bus<< racing.table_motor=Motor<< racing.table_motor_val=Brushless Design
    Permanent Magnet
    AC Synchronous<< racing.table_frame=Frame<< racing.table_frame_val=Extruded Aluminum from SAPA
    Stock/Production Rails<< racing.table_body=Body<< racing.table_body_val=Stock/Production Enertia Body Panels<< racing.table_fairing=Fairing<< racing.table_fairing_val=Brammo-spec, OE-sourced<< racing.table_rear_section=Rear Section<< racing.table_rear_section_val=Brammo Design
    SLA by SCICON Technologies<< racing.table_weight=Weight<< racing.table_weight_val=360 lbs / 163.25 kg<< racing.table_top_speed=Top Speed Observed<< racing.table_top_speed_val=102 MPH / 164 KPH<< racing.table_wheelbase=Wheelbase<< racing.table_wheelbase_val=55.5" / 141 cm<< racing.table_seat_height=Seat Height<< racing.table_seat_height_val=34.5" / 87.5 cm<< racing.table_ground_clearance=Ground Clearance<< racing.table_ground_clearance_val=7" / 17.75 cm<< racing.table_forks=Forks<< racing.table_forks_val=Brammo-spec, OE-sourced
    Traxxion Dynamics AK
    Gas Cartridge Kitted<< racing.table_shock=Shock<< racing.table_shock_val=Elka - Tunable Compression and Rebound<< racing.table_stabilizer=Steering Stabilizer<< racing.table_stabilizer_val=Ohlins<< racing.table_wheels=Wheels<< racing.table_wheels_val=Marchesini<< racing.table_front=Front<< racing.table_front_val=17" / 43 cm Forged Magnesium<< racing.table_rear=Rear<< racing.table_rear_val=16" / 40.5 cm Forged Magnesium<< racing.table_brakes=Brakes<< racing.table_brakes_val=Brembo - Brammo-spec<< racing.table_tires=Tires<< racing.table_tires_val=Dunlop - Brammo-spec, Isle of Man Compound<< dealers.title=Brammo Enertia motorcycle : 100% Electric Motorcycle : Dealer Inquiries<< dealers.dealer_header=Dealer Inquiries<< dealers.dealer_text=

    We are expanding the Brammo authorized dealer network. If you would like to become a Brammo authorized dealer then we would love to hear from you. To begin, please complete this short on-line form and we can start to get to know each other. Make sure you provide as much information as possible. We will review your details carefully and contact you once we begin reviewing dealership options in your region.

    All information you supply will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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