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The Brammo Enertia TTR motorcycle made its competitive debut on the Isle of Man on June 12, 2009 in the inaugural TT Xtreme Grand Prix, the first no-emissions motorcycle race in the world. Best Buy and Geek Squad were the major sponsor partners of the team. Brammo finished in third position and was the first finishing production motorcycle. The Enertia TTR started as the production Enertia with its extruded aluminum frame rails, distinctive flowing bodywork, and unique battery mounting system as the basis. Key components were then "overvolved" where necessary for the demands of racing and super-high performance. "Overvolved" is a way of thinking at Brammo that will be applied for future product offerings. Racing helps Brammo make a better motorcycle for customers (plus it's really, really fun).

The Isle of Man TT Races

Located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England, the Isle of Man is home to the legendary TT Races, which date back to 1907. The races are held over two weeks in June of each year and thousands of fans flock to the isle to watch the racing. The course, which takes place on closed-down public roads, covers the 37.7-mile mountain course, which goes from sea-level to 1300 feet in elevation and contains over 200 turns, many of them blind corners. Numerous motorcycle brands have launched their racing heritage by competing in TT events (but, to the best of our knowledge there are no plans for an Electric Bike race or a TT for Electric Scooters).

The Inaugural TTXGP Race

The 2009 TTGXP was the first no-emissions motorcycle race in the world. The TTXGP featured over 20 electric motorcycle teams from around the globe. The XGP race took place during the traditional TT weekend and became the focal point for the event.